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the black king & the white queen

the black king & the white queen

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Hiccup: Cheer her up he says.

Everything was well until Jack happened. Long post is long  and recycled some drawing. Another derpy comic.

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Eh, preview of a RotBTD fantrailer I may or may not finish. Decided to have some fun and make it appear as predominately a comedy.

Finish it!! Please!!

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ROTBTD AU » Teen Titans
"If I am not your "girlfriend" then what am I?!"
"Maaaaaaaybe this isn’t the best time?"

Bonus gif for Jack and Hiccup’s mental conversation:



ROTBTD WEEK:  SPRING - Day 2 ;; Picnic

Aww, thanks Punz.  But I actually brought the blanket.



I watch this at least 10 times every time it shows up on my dash

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…Okay (takes a deep breath) I think I’m getting a little to detailed for the Chisaki and Tsumugu SMUT.

…I know I said that deepening on the ending, I’ll write either a day of their life as a couple, their first kiss, first make out session or smut. But if I did go by that then I would have to write about their first kiss since they just hugged in the last episode (which by the way I was not 100% okay but it’s better than a sad ending) but since someone already wrote their first kiss (which was sweet and you can read it at @amillion-smiles blog) I thought heck, why not go straight to the smut? :D

Yes, I’m one of those people.

Especially since the ending left me unsatisfied and probably Tsumugu too lol Get it?…No? Okay.

I am busy with school and stuff though but to show you guys that I really am working on smut, here’s a little preview (takes place during their wedding night):


…The more she rubbed against him, the more he could feel his lower region throb as it grew. He teased her with his tongue and tugged her lips with his teeth. It was when Chisaki began to run her hands over his chest, that Tsumugu lost control. He was now devouring her mouth like a hungry man, going harder and harder each time his mouth slanted against hers. Chisaki could only squeezed her legs together to try to relieve the ache that was growing between her legs.

They were both virgins so Tsumugu was relying on instincts only. After containing his lust for so long during the end of their dating years, he no longer needed to hold back. He ached to be inside her. He wanted her.

Unable to take anymore, Chisaki tugged impatiently on his hair, silently telling him that she wanted more. With one last long stroke of his tongue around hers, he parted.

Flushing, Chisaki opened her eyes as she panted“…Tsum-?” She began to say but interrupted herself when Tsumugu lifted his shirt over his head. Her eyes widen at the sight of his tan skin.

Not giving her much time to stare, he picked her and took her towards their bed. When his legs came in contact with the edge, they fell on it gently. Hovering over her, he gave her a chaste kiss before pulling away only to trail wet heated kisses down her neck and along her collarbone, sucking on a few spots before lapping them over with his tongue, to ease the slight sting that came with them.


Lost in the pleasure, Chisaki didn’t notice Tsumugu moving her straps down, taking of her nightgown off until she was left in only her underwear.


So how was it? It’s my first time writing smut so sue me (just kidding, I don’t have money). But really, was it to much? To little? Not enough?! I needz to know!

peonelopie4 asked: Kissing- Tsumugu & Chisaki >< Couldn't help it, I liked your fic of their first kiss


Title: the future at our fingertips
A/N: Will probably consolidate these on fanfiction.net later.  Anyhow, hope I lived up to your expectations! XD


Chisaki has grown up knowing the shine of Ena all her life, the silvery sheen it casts over skin when the light hits it a certain way.  It looks different on Tsumugu—his skin darker, not porcelain like hers, and she finds herself studying him as they amble through Shioshishio.

She can sense his heartbeat through his fingertips, entwined with hers, and she wonders if it’s faster because of their proximity or because they’re in the city he has dreamed of seeing for so long.  Knowing Tsumugu, it’s probably a combination of both.

They reach her house, finally, and although Chisaki isn’t used to seeing Tsumugu nervous—hasn’t ever recalled a time, really—she senses a slight uncertainty in his voice when he asks, “What have you told them about me, exactly?”

“Only good things, I promise,” Chisaki smiles, squeezing his hand.

Tsumugu presses his lips together and nods.  He starts to untangle their fingers, ready to meet her parents properly, and Chisaki feels a burst of pride.  There is so much spread out before them, a whole future she’d never considered because she was too embroiled in the past, but now it opens before her, shimmering and wide.

Midway, Tsumugu seems to reconsider and turns back to her, fingers threading through her hair, mouth angling towards hers.  She smiles against his lips.

This is a different kind of shining. Tsumugu’s touch leaves sparkles in its wake, her skin tingling as the pads of his thumbs trace patterns over her cheeks.

“For luck,” he says when they break apart, and though she has never felt short of breath underwater before, thanks to her Ena, she feels a little dizzy now.

A fish darts between them.  Tsumugu laughs and Chisaki begins to laugh too, and then her mother is opening the door and wondering, “Well, aren’t you going to come in?” and Chisaki watches Tsumugu’s skin gleam and thinks, so this is what happiness feels like.

I loved it. And I liked that their kiss happened just before he met the parents. Nice work

Didn’t this come out on iCarly too?

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