RotBTD: Hogwarts AU (Goblet of Fire)

“Now, now” spoke North, his accent thick as the students of Hogwarts, Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic hurried to find a seat. The whispers in the Great Hall eventually grew quiet. “Sit down!”

In the back, the famous quartet looked on as they sat together, separate from the other students who sat with their own houses. The Goblet of Fire illuminated its blue light across the dimly lit hall.

“Now it is the moment you all have been waiting for! The champion selection!” The headmasters voice echoed. Raising his hand, he used magic to put out the fires that hung above every bodies head as the room grew darker. With slow steps, North approached the cup, his hand almost touching the flames as he skimmed his hands across it. Moments later, he took a step back.

Trying to see past Hiccup’s head, Jack watched in hidden anticipation of who will be chosen as the first champion.

The Goblet of Fires blue fire suddenly turned red with a flame bursting up high as a small burn paper landed in North’s hand. The red flames gradually turned blue once again.

Looking at the paper, North shouted “The champion from Durmstrang, Flynn Rider!”

Behind him, the table of men all cheered for the chosen champion as he confidently got up and shook the headmasters’ hand. North patted his back and gesture towards the spot for the selected champions.

Hearing a giggle, Jack looked behind him to see Merida whispered into Rapunzel’s ear as the Ravenclaw giggled once more. Jack frowned and raised an eyebrow at Hiccup who rolled his eyes in return before turning his attention back to the next chosen champion.

Another, slightly larger, burn paper made its way into North’s  hand. “The champion from Beauxbatons, Eep Crood!”

Cheers took place once again as the chosen walked her towards North, her walk was noticeably different from the other Beauxbatons but her confident was equal to Flynn’s as she stood next to him.

With the last paper deciding the champion from Hogwarts, the Hall grew silent once more.

“After this selection, we will have our third champion for the the Triwizard Tournament. But in the end, only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this chalets of champions, this vessel of victory,” He turned around to point “The Triwizard Cup!”

At his words, the trophy was revealed to all to awe in its glory. The whole room cheered for it was a glorious day indeed, but all was cut short when the professor Bunnymund noticed something was wrong with the cup.

North turned around, indeed there was something wrong. The Goblet of Fire’s flames were spiraling and slowly turning red once again. The headmaster approached the cup once again, his expression was unreadable. The cup was choosing without the hosts permission.

With a bright flame high in the air, another paper came out 

With a laugh, North tried to ease the tension “I guess we have our champion from Hogwarts ready. Now, the champion from Hogwarts is…” He trailed off, his eyes widen at the sight of the name

“Jack Frost” he whispered. He looked around swiftly “Jack Frost” he spoke louder.

Everyone in the Great Hall looked around for the boy.

Jack stayed stuck to his seat, his expression was the same as the headmasters.

“No, no, no” Rapunzel whispered

“JACK FROST!” Screamed North

Merida stood up and pulled Jack’s arm “Come on.”

Rapunzel tugged her sweater “Stop it, Merida. Please.”

The Gryffindor turned to her “He’s bin chosen.” She lightly pushed Jack forward “Gou on. North is waiting for yah.”

Hiccup looked at his friend. This was all wrong.

Getting over his shock, Jack stood up from his seat, sending the blonde Ravenclaw a reassuring smile before making his way through the silent crowd and to North. This was unbelievable, he was actually chosen. He didn’t know how it happened, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he was happy he was picked. Pushing all logic away and not reading the situation, a smile almost made a way onto his face until he was in front of North.

North, whose face was unreadable handed Jack the paper. The Slytherin glanced at it as he began to walk towards the other champions.

Jack stopped in his tracks “…Hiccup?” he whispered.

North turned to him sharply “What did you say?”

Jack quickly crumbled the paper as North went closer to him. He shook his head “Nothing. I didn’t say anything.”

Grabbing the paper out of Jack’s hand, he opened it up and looked it over then flipping it back and forth numerous of times.

“Two champions on a single paper…” he whispered. He then yelled “There is another champion! Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III come forward!”

Professor Stoick stood up, slamming his fist on the table “What du think yu doing, North! This is madness!” 

“Silence, Stoick. There is nothing you could do. He has been chosen.”

Stoick clenched his fist.

“No! He can’t bae chosen! It mus-!” Merida yelled as she got up from her seat

Hiccup stood up, grabbing Merida’s hand before she said anymore “It’s fine Mer.” He swallowed “Everything’s going to be alright.” He let go of her hand to join Jack. They two boys glanced at each other before walking towards the other champions.

On their way, cries and whispers could be heard:

Two champions?!”

“They’re cheats!”

“They aren’t even 17 yet!”

Hiccup stayed silent while Jack made eye contact with professor Bunnymound as they passed by him.

This was really happening.        


I already have the whole series of RIse of the Brave Tangled Dragons in Hogwarts AU planned out in my head, which follows the basic outline of the Harry Potter series. But in my head(imagination), both Jack and Hiccup get chosen to participate in the tournament that way Hiccup can get more involved with the dragons and Jack will eventually faces Pitch(Voldemort) once again.

Once in a while I’ll post different scenes from the series along with more manip art. The big four in Hogwarts is one of my favorite AU’s after all.   

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i just told my mom i died at birth and i’ve been a ghost this entire time just growing and manifesting into the daughter she’d lost

and she’s just like

well please go to the light because i am tired of your shit

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RotBTD Week(Summer): Lemonade Stand (Day 1)

“So ar ye guys going to stand there or ar yah going to buy something?”

“Merida!” shouted Rapunzel

“Whit?” She answered.

“ You can’t talk to them like that,” scolded the blonde “They’re our friends.”

“And don’t forget potential customers.” Added Jack

“Yah yah,” Merida muttered, slouching down to her previous position

“So, other than the horrib-” said Hiccup, changing his words at Merida’s glare “I mean, not so good customer service. Why are you guys selling lemonade again?”

“Ugh,” let out Merida as she recalled the reason why she was selling lemonade in the first place “Long storie short; turns out that hideous vase in the livin’ room wasn’t just any hideous vase; it was a hideous old vase that been in ma family for generations!”

“And how did you find this out?”

“While shootin’ arrows in the livin’ room.”

“Ah,” said Hiccup. Now it made sense.

Merida nodded “Nou she’s trying make meh learn ma lesson by coming up with the money ma self.” She turned to Rapunzel “Thanks again for helping me Punzie. I appreciate it.”

“No problem,” replied Rapunzel with a smile “I’m happy to help.”

“But lemonade?” questioned Jack “I thought you guys would do something creative or at least something more… fun?”

“Aye was going to have people pay meh to watch meh shoot stuff but mum took ma bow away too.”

“So selling lemonade was the next best thing we could think of,” finished Rapunzel.

“But wee been under the sun for 2 hours and nae one has even bought anything!” complained Merida

Hiccup who looked at the distress on his friends face and dug around in his pocket “I’ll be your first costumer then. One lemonade please.”

Merida’s face lit up “That will bae 50 cents!” Her smile getting bigger at the sight of the two shinny quarter “Thanks Hiccup!”

Rapunzel hugged the red-head “Our first costumer,” she got the coins from Hiccup and placed in them in the piggy bank next to her “Thank you.”

Jack signed “I guess I have no choice then.” He pulled out some coins “Here you go.”

“Yay! Our second costumer,” Rapunzel took the coins “Thank you, Jack.”

Using the ladle, Merida poured lemonade from the pitch into two cups and handed them to each boy. Turning her attention to the pink piggy bank, she picked up and shook it “Yah here that, Punzie?” Merida asked, hearing the rattling noise even louder “Aye think wee ar almost there!” She said with a satisfied smile

Rapunzel only smiled as she chose not to shine light on the fact that they were very far from it and to leave Merida in a happy mood. When the girls looked up they were surprised to find the boys staring into their cups instead of drinking them.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um,” Hiccup sniffed his cup “This is lemonade right?”

“Of course it is,” answered Merida “It is an old family recipe too.”

“It sure doses smell old,” reported Jack.

Merida glared at him “Fine, don’t try it but no refunds.”

 “Aww what?”

Rapunzel looked between the boys “Just try it you guys,” she encouraged “I’m sure it taste really good.”

Hiccup looked unsure “I guess I’ll give it a shot.”

Jack paused, watching the freckled face boy before he even took a sip of his own drink. With caution, Hiccup proceeded to take a sip only to spit it out moments later. Not being able to hold himself back, Jack burst into laughter as he pointed at his unfortunate friend who became a victim of Merida’s family’s homemade lemonade.

So caught in his own amusement, Jack failed to see Merida angrily raising a nearby lemon along with not hearing Rapunzel cry of Merida don’t! before he fell onto the grass by a lemon to the head.    


I actually made a bunch of drawings for each day in RotBTD week but when I wanted to color…I couldn’t find them. So I decided to write instead. I did however, sketch the first drawing again though it’s not colored.

rise of the brave tangled dragons RotBTD summer week RotBTD week the big four Rapunzel Merida Jack Frost hiccup


The first time he saw her was in the owlery.

The Gryffindor pulled up the hood of his cheap blue sweater from home, the thick parchment of the letter to his little sister Emma weighing down in it’s pocket.

The snow fell softly, gentling swirling around as he trudged his way up the steps. He felt a small smile tug at his lips at the sight, and stopped for a moment to admire how nice everything looked coated in white.

It was right when he reached the entrance that he saw her; the long golden hair that pooled on the ground while she crouched, stroking her small barn owl soothingly. He himself couldn’t explain his sudden need to step back and hide himself; when had Jackson Overland ever felt the need to hide his presence? When had he ever known himself to become suddenly shy in front of a stranger?

But for reasons unknown, something was compelling him to stay back.

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